The "Friends for Life" Book

Building a Happy Healthy Marriage is about real people who have experienced real life in marriage and have seen the miraculous working of God in transforming them day by day.

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About the Author

Born in 1966 in Kiambu Kenya, my life earnestly began in 1987 at the age of 21 when I gave my life to Jesus and received His eternal salvation. I joined Chrisco Church and for the next sixteen years I experienced immense growth and development in my walk with God.

In 1992 I married the love of my life Rose Njoki with whom we have 2 sons Victor and Asaph (deceased). I was in formal employment for ten years while knowing all the while that I had been called into ministry. In 1996 I resigned from my job to do Real Estate business and ministry.

Friends for Life - The Book

Friends for Life: Marriage is God’s idea, not our idea. If one does not understand the institution they are likely to abuse it. The good news is that there are instructions based on the Word of God that would help a husband or a wife to know how to build their marriage. God intended marriages to bring joy and fulfillment to the couple. This is why we need knowledge on building friendship as a principal foundation in marriage. This book is specifically meant for couples who desire to be married God’s way. We will explore various aspects of marriage with the aim of helping couples know how to build a marriage that pleases God and by His design. The book explores love and sex life in marriage, ingredients of friendship, and the architecture of a house.

‘Friends for Life’ is a combination of the author’s personal experience in marriage for the last 29 years, and many years of counselling and walking with married couples.

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