Frequently Asked Questions

A hard copy of the Friends for Life book by Obadiah Mwaura will be discounted to  Kshs.1,000, for pre-orders before the launch date, inclusive of FREE delivery in Nairobi and via postage outside of Nairobi.

Visit to order a pre-launch copy and pay via MPESA or Credit/Debit card.

As a pre-launch order, you will enjoy a discounted cost of Ksh.1,000, your book will be autographed by the author , Obadiah Mwaura and your copy will be delivered for FREE, in Nairobi or via postage outside of Nairobi.

Currently, the book is available on pre-order awaiting the official launch on 10th November 2021 in Nairobi. The pre-order copies will be delivered for FREE to the buyers in Nairobi, and via postage for the buyers outside Nairobi .

The ticket price of Ksh 2,500 for an individual and the price of Ksh. 4,000 for a couple, includes 1 copy of Friends For Life book. Book your ticket on

Orders above 10 copies will enjoy a 10% discount and orders above 20 copies will enjoy a 20% discount exclusive of delivery/courier costs.

We are currently working on digital subscriptions across popular platforms that will be available before the book launch on 10th November 2021.

The inaugural launch copies of the Friends For Life books will be available from 10th November 2021.

We are currently engaging potential book stores and the list will be unveiled during the launch on 10th November 2021

Pre-launch orders outside Nairobi will be sent through postage.

Corporate bulk orders (above 10 copies) orders, accompanied by a signed LPO, will be available on credit after a successful credit appraisal . Email for more information.

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